Clan MacNab

MacNab Clan Crest: The head of a savage.

MacNab Clan Motto: Timor Omnis Abesto (Let fear be far from all).

History of Clan MacNab:

The name MacNab comes from the Gaelic "Mac An Aba", meaning "child of the abbot". The progenitor of the clan is widely claimed ot be Abraruadh, the Abbot of Glen Dochart and Strathearn, and allegedly a son of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first King of Scots. Traditionally, the founder of the Clan was a nephew of St Fillan.

The MacNabs were related by marriage to the Comyns and fought with their kinsmen, the MacDougalls, against Robert the Bruce. Following Bruce's victory at the Battle of Bannockburn, therefore, the Clan lands on Loch Tay were confiscated. However, in 1336, Gilbert Macnab received a Charter from David II and the Clan's fortunes thereafter improved through marriage and acquisitions.

Places of Interest: Eilean Ran, on River Lochay, Perthshire. This was the site of a MacNab stronghold burnt to the ground by the troops of Oliver Cromwell.

The Falls of Dochart, Perthshire. Islets here were used as MacNab burial grounds.
Glendochart, Perthshire. These lands were part of a Celtic monastery run by forbears of Clan MacNab.

Kinnell House, Killin, Perthshire. Ancestral seat of the MacNab Chiefs.