Clan Hay

Hay Clan Crest: From a coronet, a falcon, armed, jessed and belled.

Hay Clan Motto: Serva Jugum (Keep the yoke).

Hay Clan History: Hay Clan History
There are two traditions surrounding the emergence of the Hay Family in Scotland. At the Battle of Luncarty which took place between the Scots and the Danes (c.973), Kenneth III was saved by one of his supporters and his two sons. In gratitude, the King commanded that a falcon be let loose from Kinoull Hill and that as far as it flew, the lands would belong to his saviour. The bird's flight took in some of the best farmland in the Carse.

Places of Interest: Duns Castle, Duns, Berwickshire. A fortified keep was built here in the 14th century by Randolph, Earl of Moray. It passed to the Hays of Drumelzier in the 17th century.

Neidpath Castle, near Peebles. Overlooking the River Tweed, it was built for the de Hay family in the late 13th century. It was visited by Mary Queen of Scots and James VI, and is now owned by Wemyss Estates.