Clan Gray

Gray Clan Crest: An anchor

Gray Clan Motto: Anchor, Fast Anchor.

Gray Clan History:
Fulbert de Gray was Great Chamberlain to Robert, Duke of Normandy, and owned lands in Picardy. There is a tradition that his daughter Arlotta was the mother of William the Conqueror and that the family arrived in England in 1066 with the Norman Conquest.

The name first appears in Scotland in 1248  and Henry Gray of Fife rendered homage to Edward I in 1296, but, like many other established families of the time, followed Robert the Bruce when the timing was right. It was Sir Andrew Gray who scaled the rock of Edinburgh Castle to recapture it from the English in 1312, and he was rewarded with lands at Longforgan in Perthshire.  In 1377, the lands of Fowlis also passed to the Gray family through marriage to a daughter of the powerful de Maule family, and in 1444, Sir Andrew's descendant, also Sir Andrew, and a loyal supporter of James I and II, was created 1st Lord Gray.

David Gray (1838-61), born in Kirkintilloch, was a prominent Scottish poet.

Places of Interest:
Huntly Castle, Longforgan, Perthshire was built in 1452 for Lord Gray of Foulis.

Broughty Castle, Dundee, Perthshire. Five storey tower built by Lord Gray of Foulis in 1490. Owned by Historic Scotland.