Clan Blane

A prominent name from Ayrshire and Wigtownshire, also spelt Blaine, both being contracted forms of MacBlane or MacBlain. The name comes from the Gaelic ‘Mac-Gille-Blane’, meaning ‘son of the follower of Saint Blane’. The nae is first mentioned in a Dumfries charter made between 1124 and 1165, which was witnessed by Gilcomgal mac Gilbláán. Saint Blane was born on Bute and died in 590, and was a bishop of the Picts. The original ‘follower of Blane’ was presumably an abbot or priest in one of Blane’s foundations, these being the days before clerical celibacy. Place names associated with Saint Blane include Strathblane and Blanefield in Stirlingshire, and Dunblane, which was the centre of the saint’s cult. In 1127 Blane, or Bláán, was priest of Linton. In later centuries, we find Patrick Blane was provost of the burgh of Wigtown in 1561 while an Agnes Blaine was recorded in the Parish of Kirkudbright in 1684.