Clan Armstrong

Clan Armstrong is a Lowland Scottish clan of the Scottish Borders. The clan does not currently have a chief recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms and therefore it is considered an Armigerous clan.  According to the legend and tradition, the first of the name Armstrong was Siward Beorn (sword warrior), who was also known as Siward Digry (sword strong arm). He was said to be the last Anglo-Danish Earl of Northumberland and a nephew of King Canute, the Danish king of England who reigned until 1035.  The Armstrong name was common over the whole of Northumbria and the Scottish Borders. The Armstrongs became a powerful and warlike clan in Liddesdale and the Debatable Lands. Historian George Fraser Black lists Adam Armstrong in 1235 as being pardoned for causing the death of another man. Black also records Gilbert Armstrong, steward of the household of David II of Scotland, as ambassador to England in 1363.